Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions apply to the customers who rent bikes that are the properties of Gravel Road Ride(“Stores”). Circumstances not indicated below are governed by laws and general practice.

Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of the store is to enrich customer’s sports cycling experience and contribute to the promotion of the culture of sports cycling.

Article 2. Eligibility

  1. Who agrees to the purpose of stores and observe the Terms and Conditions along with traffic regulations, etc.
  2. Who provides contact information for stores to call whenever necessary.
  3. Who carries identification details to be presented upon meeting with representatives of the stores.
  4. Whose health conditions are sufficient for the activities relating to sports cycling.
  5. Who is not under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  6. Who isn’t involved in criminal activities and/or organizations.
  7. Who does not have infectious illnesses that is likely to be infected to others.
  8. In case of minors, accompanied by parental authority or any legal guardian – representative’s identification is required upon application and accepts joint liability in accordance to the contents of this document.
  9. Who declared qualified by stores.

Article 3. Booking

  1. You are required to make a booking online no later than 15:00 (Japan Standard Time) 2 days prior to date of pick-up or call the store number before closing time the day before preferred day of pick-up.
  2. Stores may not be able to provide the bikes you desire to rent depending on availability.
  3. Please inform stores by phone in advance if you might be late for the pickup time on the rental date.
  4. We will decline rentals for discrepancies in user information such as height and weight.

Article 4. Change booking

  1. If you wish to make changes in your booking details, you must contact us as soon as possible, most preferably in advance.

Article 5. Cancel booking

  1. You must contact us at least the day before original date of booking if you wish to cancel the reservation.
  2. If you fail to arrive up to an hour after time of reservation, the booking is considered cancelled.
  3. There will be no refunds for cancellations on the date of booking. (100% of rental fee).
  4. Cancellations one day prior will be charged 50% of the rental fees.
  5. Cancellations 2 or more days prior will be charged 25% of the rental fees. (25% of rental fee).
  6. For cancellations due to poor weather conditions, the customer will receive 100% refund.

Article 6. Application Procedure

Application procedure is as follows.

  1. Confirm with the store staff regarding the rental period, rental bikes and rental parts.
  2. Fill up the form completely.
  3. Once completed, hand over the application form along with your identification card and deposit fee to the store staff. Said store staff will keep a record of the details.
    *Deposit fee costs ¥20,000 for a road bike, ¥10,000 for a gravel road bike, a tent set for ¥5,000 every week.
    *If you don’t have return flight number, the rental fee costs double the price.
  4. Pay the total cost of the rental fee.
  5. The store staff will then provide you with a briefing regarding the bike and accessories.
  6. The bike settings will be adjusted to suit the customer.
  7. The store staff will check and confirm with the client whether the product has maintenance issues or not.
  8. The store staff will deliver the rental items to you.

Article 7. Prohibited conduct

Strict compliance to the prohibitions under these Terms and Conditions are required.You are prohibited to:

  1. Allow anyone else use the rental items.
  2. Ride recklessly, under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal substances and violate traffic regulations.
  3. Ride in dangerous and/or inappropriate locations.
  4. Ride in a manner that disrupts foot traffic. 
  5. Make any modifications or changes in any way, big or small, to the rental items.
  6. Ride without helmets and the necessary protective gear.
  7. Commit actions that violate laws, ordinances and regulations.
  8. Take any other actions that violate laws, ordinances and regulations.

Article 8. Returning Rental Items

  1. You must return the items to the store on the time agreed beforehand.
  2. The items must be returned in the condition upon which the rental period ensued. In case of damage, please inform the staff immediately.

Article 9. Conclude Rental Contract

  1. When the store receives the rental fee and delivers the items to the client, the contract is officially commenced. 
  2. If the rental items cannot be used due to accidents or other factors such as theft and reasons that are not attributable to the stores or any of the operation affiliates, stores may cancel the reservations.
  3. Cancellations due to reasons indicated in the previous item will mean no charges for the client.

Article 10. Breakdown, Damage

  1. If you find defects or signs of breakdown on the rental bike, you must stop using it and report the problem to stores.
  2. In the event of a flat tire, please use the tools in your emergency kit to avoid any further damages. If you need assistance, please contact the store.
  3. We may charge for any damages on the rental items if reasons are attributable to you.

Article 11. Theft, Loss

  1. Please inform the Stores immediately if rental items are stolen or lost.
  2. We may charge you for the cost of the bike if stolen or the cost of repairs for damages. We will also be charging rent for each day until the item is replaced or fixed.
  3. If you lose your locker key, there will be a 2,500yen reissue fee per key.

Article 12. Accidents

  1. If you are involved in an accident involving the rental items during the rental period, please inform the store ASAP. 
  2. Please orient yourself with emergency contact information such as the national police response numbers. 
  3. You must compensate the store for any damage or additional expenses for the stores and our third party contractors if causes are attributable to you.
  4. The store is not responsible for any damages incurred in your part or that of third party contractors.
  5. You are responsible for yourself, particularly in terms of health and safety during the rental period.

Article 13. Invalidity of Rent bikes Request

The Stores and each operating company may invalidate your application without any prior notice and require you to return rental items immediately for committal of any of the items below. In such cases, the Store will not refund the rental fees pursuant to Article 6.

  1. Breaching any/ some or all of the items in the Terms and Conditions of Use.
  2. You are involved in accidents deeming you unfit to continue riding particularly for reasons attributable to you.

Article 14. Extension of rental period

  1. Please inform the Stores if you are not likely to return rental items on time.
  2. If you are to extend your rental period, you must pay the following charges upon the return.
    Over 6hours:10,000yen (plus 2,000 Yen for each succeeding hour)
  3. You must compensate the next applicants for their reservation fees if you cause the store’s inability to provide for their request.
  4. If you fail to return the rental items to the designated location on time and do not comply with the company’s reasonable requests, you will be charged based on current rates.

Article 15. Termination of Rental Contract due to Force Majeure

The rental contract will be terminated when the rental items become unusable due to force majeure, including but not limited to disaster, which is not attributable to the Stores, each operating company or you. In such case, you must contact the Stores immediately with the knowledge that advance payments will not be returned.

Article 16. Usage of Locker (* Available at limited stores)

  1. Please do not put your valuables into the locker. The Stores or operating companies will take no responsibilities at all if you suffer damages including but not limited to theft.
  2. Please do not out food, living things, dangerous items or any of your personal effects that may cause damaging moisture build-up and/or unpleasant odors. If anyone other than yourself sustain damages due to such irresponsible acts, the client is expected to provide compensations.
  3. Please do not put food, living things, dangerous things and other things that may cause water leakage or bad smell into the locker. If the Stores, customers or third parties suffer damages by these things, you as a owner of these things must compensate for the damages. The store staff may open the locker and try to solve the problems without your permission if the water leakage or bad smell occurs.

Article 17. Refund policy

  1. Stores will not refund customers for damages incurred due to their own personal actions.

Article 18. Agreement Jurisdictional Court

Should there occur dispute about rights and obligations based on the Terms of Use, the agreement exclusive jurisdictional of the court is local court located at the head office of each operating company or the Stores.

*The Stores may revise the Terms of Use at any time without notice to you. The revised Terms of Use will be effective when posted.

Article 19. Governing Language

These terms are provided in both Japanese and English. In case of a discrepancy between the Japanese and the English, the Japanese version will take precedence.



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