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First of all, I would like to say Hi (Konnichiwa) to bicyclists all over the world. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Let me ask one question: What do you think of when you hear about Japanese culture? I guess typical answers would be Samurai, Geisha Girls and Mt, Fuji etc…

To tell you the truth, Japan tries to welcome to foreign tourists last couples of years. However, most of travel guidebooks only focus on urban area and popular tourist spot of Japan.

Japan is surrounded by sea and its mountainous districts occupy seventy percent of the mountains. There are still beautiful places and landscape in the original states for you to go sight seeing. What would you need to get there?

The importance of mobility is the key for sure.

You can park wherever you want, you can travel anywhere in Japan even thought typical narrow Japanese alleyways. That’s the reason why we recommend Gravel road bikes!

Why Gravel road bikes?

Gravel Road Bikes will provide you the chance to experience the things mentioned above. It really is a burden lugging a bicycle on your way to Japan. In case of loss, it would cause you so much inconvenience having to deal with it such as filing police reports. 

Our bikes are insured and so with the rider. Most city roads are smooth but many country roads are still a bit on the rough side. Regular bikes are fine for short distances but gravel bikes are the best in these situations because of their designs paired with thick and stable tires. It is honestly not the fastest but why hurry when you are surrounded by breathtaking views an d landscapes. 

Slow down and enjoy it. What’s more, our bikes can be loaded with luggage so you can camp somewhere and bring everything you need.


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The longer you rent, the bigger the discounts!


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